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Fundraised for Childrens Burns Trust by running 5K on 05/04/2021 with my close friend George Ash. We successfully raised £280.


Created a poster campaign titled: ‘Don’t Let Your Scars Define You. Define Your Scars.’ That got shared across social media, new outlets, and sent to Burns and Body Image related charities/organisations.
Accompanied by a broadcast on BBC South news and an interview on BBC Radio Surrey/Sussex raising awareness of my campaign and why I created it. As well as sharing my story as a burns survivor.

For more information:
Making the 'Define Your Scars' Campaign
BBC South Interview
BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex Interview

Won the Project Hope award for Mental Health Advocacy 2020.

Spoke at a 2020 exam results protest, protesting the neglect the government have shown students in the UK.

Fundraised for Childrens Burns Trust by organising and performing a spoken word set called ‘Wear Your Scars With Pride’ via YouTube and Facebook Live. I successfully raised £282


Began presenting my original vlogs on my YouTube channel ‘Crystal Turner-Brightman’, with the vlog series’ being titled ‘Crystal Clear (The Happiness Project)’ ~ to help support people with negative mental health, through exploring my journey with it, and going through the healthy coping mechanism I have learnt through my years in therapy.

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July Burns Survivor for the 2019 poster campaign “A Burn Injury Is For Life ... But So Is A Smile” with Children’s Burns Trust

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Took part in a Grenfell Vigil with ‘Southampton stand up to racism’ remembering those who lost their lives and those still left waiting for support

Raised £50 for the Burns Unit Group Support Fund from a collection at 'Inside a Mind'


Created a short film with Fixers UK called ‘Road To Recovery: Surviving Trauma’ directed by and starring me, posted to social media, sent out to hospitals and mental health organisations across the UK. Accompanied by a Broadcast called ‘Light At The End Of The Tunnel’ presented by me showcasing my project and sharing my story on ITV (Meridian)

For more information please visit: article

Roads To Recovery website

Fundraised for Childrens Burns Trust by organising a sponsored dress up day as a ladybird. (The ladybird became a positive symbol I used in my own recovery.) I successfully raised £281.

Participated in the poster campaign “A Burns Injury Is For Life ... But So Is A Smile” with Children’s Burns Trust for National Burns Awareness Day 2018

Newspaper coverage of my short film ‘Road To Recovery: Surviving Trauma’ and my own personal story of recovery as a Burns Survivor

Mirror article

Daily Echo article

Report on anxiety and associated disorders from November 2017 at ITV Studios

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Spoke on a mental health panel at ITV studio in front of MPs, an NHS board and mental health professionals